Fresh Meat Otter

Transitionally Challenged

What happened to your posts? I just recently came across your tumbler and I love it! Please come back!

There are a couple of mods here, but we’re always in need of submissions/ideas for Fresh Meat Otter posts. I originally made this tumblr account when I was in fresh meat. I just finished my second season and am currently the president of my league, which really makes me far and away from the Fresh Meat that this blog is about.

If anyone wants to help out, just let us know!

My first training practice is on Sunday and I'm reallllly nervous. What should I wear?

Athletic clothes! Any kind of sport pants/shorts/capris, a shirt that won’t drive you crazy by being too loose or too tight, a GOOD SPORTS BRA! I don’t know about your league, but in mine we always start every practice with 30 minutes of off-skates workout, so make sure to have good shoes.

Don’t wear what girls typically wear on bout days. No one appreciates the fresh meat who is unprepared to work out or looks like they’re there just because they want to wear fishnets and booty shorts. All that will come in time (if that’s what your league dresses like on bout days).

Wear exactly what you’d wear for a strenuous workout. Good luck!! :D